Friday, May 4, 2007

What I am Working On

I have been working on a project that combines my miniature punchneedle embroidery designs with the ACEO format. I have created a design that will fit in the ACEO size. My intention is to mount the finished embroidery on matboard.

I am making two of the same design, but using different color combinations. I have completed the embroidery for one and have yet to start on the second. One of the exciting things about this project is that I am experimenting with new threads. For the designs and patterns that I create to sell, I generally use threads that are easily obtainable by those who purchase the patterns. Over the years I have collected a variety of different threads including hand over-dyed floss, variegated threads, the new DMC closely variegated floss, and a bright metallic gold polyester thread. I am incorporating these different threads into this project. It is very exciting to see the effects that these threads can create!

These designs will not be available as patterns but will be sold as one of a kind works of art. Their small ACEO format will allow them to be sold for much less than a finished work of my usual designs. I will in the future make a larger scale design available as a pattern based upon these small works. This larger pattern will have more detail and color variation.

When these two ACEO's are complete they will be made available at our shop. It will be a week or two more before they are complete. I need to find the right inspiration to start working on the second embroidery. That is how true art is created!

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