Sunday, May 20, 2007

Craft Show Tip of the Week

At a craft show do not haggle with a customer over a price and do not accept an offer of a lower price than what you have decided for your work. Many customers at craft shows do not recognize the difference between a flea market with commercially made and imported items and a craft show with handmade craft. The buyer thinks that haggling is part of the "game", as it may be at a flea market or an antique mart. There is little understanding of what has gone into your creation of your craft - the time, the materials, and your talent. By playing this game of haggling and lowering your price you are devaluing your work - and your worth. Don't do it. Have confidence that your work will sell at the prices that you have set. Understand that if a piece does not sell today, it will sell at the next craft show - or the show after that. If you believe that your prices are "too high" then you need to reevaluate all of your prices and determine if you have set them correctly and fairly.

We have often been offered lower prices and we do not give in! I have seen many craft "vendors" give in - and have little respect for them. Be confident in yourself!

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Upon the Waters said...

I absolutely agree with this one! Thanks for the great tips.