Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekly Craft Show Tip

We are starting a new weekly feature - a craft show tip. Culled from our over twenty years of experience selling at craft shows, we have a great deal to share that will help those who are just starting out or who have been selling at craft shows for a while.

Our first tip is an important tip. Always put visible and clear prices on your items. Do not make a customer have to ask a price. You should have a tag on the item or a small sign with like items showing the price. Many potential buyers will look, not see a price and walk away. Some people are uncomfortable to ask. Some people feel that it is more difficult to walk away once they start a conversation. It is all psychology. PRICE YOUR ITEMS!

1 comment:

Alpaca Granny said...

I look forward to your weekly craft show tips because I will be doing a few show this year. Visited your lovely shop.
Do you have sheep? or just like them?