Sunday, June 3, 2007

Craft Show Tip of the Week

When you do a craft show, it is best if you do not go alone. You need to take a friend, relative, anyone who will stay with you for the day. There is going to be a time during the day that you need the restroom, need to get lunch, need to take time to eat. Some who go alone ask the next booth to watch their booth while they are away - not really so good! Not only are their eyes not always on your things, but if you get customers, they are not going to leave their customers to come and help yours, take money, etc. And if you tell them to just say that you will be back and to wait - forget it. No one is really going to wait for you to return - and rarely do you get people coming back later. Once they walk away, most sales are lost.

So my advice this week - don't go it alone!

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