Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Basic Product Photograpy - The Series

For the past six weeks there have been a series of articles on this site about the basics of taking product photographs to be used on a website, a web store, or in print in a catalog. To make it easier to refer back to these articles I will list the links below. If new related articles are written in the future, those links will be added as they occur.


Part 1 - Cameras, Equipment, Etc.

Part 2 - Shooting Outdoors

Part 3 - Shooting Indoors

Part 4 - A Better Way to Shoot Indoors - Light Tents

Part 5 - Editing Software

Part 6 - Image Editing

Choosing a Camera - Part 1

Choosing a Camera - Part 2

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button said...

Thank you so much for these great helps. I am not experienced with photography and have been working hard on my etsy shop to get my photos right. I will refer back to this info often. I learned of you on the etsy forums.
Thanks again,