Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Craft Show Wisdom

I am changing the name of this regular feature from Craft Show Tip of the Week to Craft Show Wisdom. The articles will continue to be short and to the point and offer tips and knowledge for new craft show participants or those who would like to sell at craft shows.

So -

If I were titling these articles for each topic they cover, this article would be titled, "Having a Thick Skin". Craft shows are not for the sensitive. Why? Because you hear some of the most off hand and sometimes insulting comments from potential customers at craft shows. These comments are not directed at you directly, but happen in conversation between two or more people standing in front of your display of the work that you have poured your heart and talent into.

Here are a few examples -

"Oh look, Grandma made those in the nursing home!"

"Jimmy made those in sixth grade woodshop!"

"I could just make that at home."

and the most recent comment that I have heard -
"Any woodworker could make those!"

Now, I try to have a thick skin and I tell myself to ignore the comments, but with that last one I found myself saying out loud, "No, not just any woodworker can make these. It takes a woodworker with a lot of talent and skill to make them." The reaction that I got was a semi-apology.

They are not saying that your work is not good, but they are saying that your talent is meaningless - after all grandma, little Jimmy, and anyone could do what you have done.

Try to smile to yourself and let it pass, but expect to hear anything!

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