Sunday, January 13, 2008

Featured Artist

Our featured artist is eclectic in what she offers in her shop - much like our shop. She has some great things to offer and some interesting things to say. Here is our interview with the artist, Gwynne.

Briefly describe what you make?

In my shop, you will find many different items! I have original drawings, prints, cards, t-shirts, messenger and tote bags, and jewelry. I enjoy drawing more than anything because it is my therapy and I love to see what my illustration becomes when I complete it. When I begin to draw, I usually do not have a theme in mind and just start drawing with my Sharpies or Prismacolor markers. I have dealt with depression on and off and this is why my art is so important to me. By being able to create something gives me some peace and relief from the struggles I have had with depression.
What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

I prefer to use Sharpies and Prismacolor more than anything! Although, I recently have been purchasing numerous jewelry supplies to begin creating jewelry. I will feature vintage and retro jewelry in my shop soon! Many sellers would open a second shop for this, but, I have decided to keep everything in one shop to show the different sides of my art and of me.
How long have you been creating craft?

When I was a child, I began creating and knew that my dream for the future was to be an artist. My degree is a B.A. in Art although, I was raised to consider a career that would help support me financially. When I graduated, I began a job in sales and continued in sales for many years. Over the years, I continued to create...mostly when in a depression and then recently decided to share my art with others when I found Etsy.

How did you get started?

I left a job in May after 18 years and decided it was time to live my dream and that is when I began posting my art on Etsy. For several years, I kept telling friends..."I am going to start selling my art" yet, I kept putting it off. I am thankful that I found Etsy when I was looking for something to buy several months before I began selling.

Where does the name of your shop come from?

PenGwynne Art is a name I came up with several years ago when I was telling everyone I was going to start selling my art. My name is Gwynne and when I was in junior high someone asked me "Do you have a pen Gwynne?" and then they noticed that (pen Gwynne) was like penguin so,from that my nickname became pengwynne! My Mom even started me a penguin collection. And the best part of it all is I draw with pens!
What would you most want people to know about your work?

My work is my therapy, as I stated earlier, and it has truly been a blessing to be able to express myself through my drawing. I am a loner and enjoy being by myself. My art is a result of different things I have gone through over the years. Some of the work in my shop is from 2003 when I was in a very depressed state. I remember creating over 110 drawings within about a 3 to 4 month period. I still have many pieces I have not added to my shop from that time. I guess what I want people to know about me through my work is that I have survived some tough times and without my art, I am not sure if I would have.

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

My advice to other artists is to live your dream! Do not be afraid to create what is in your mind. It may not be something everyone loves, but, it is something that you have created and it is a piece of you. If you suffer from frustration, anxiety, depression, etc. your art is your best therapy!

Wonderful! Please be sure to visit Gwynne's shop!

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