Sunday, October 12, 2008


We continue with our Photographers of Etsy features with

Here is our interview with Celticcat!

Briefly describe what you make?

I'm a travel photographer. Then at other times I think of myself as a architechural
photographer. I love being able to travel around and take photographs of all the
interesting things in the world. Photography is a passion of mine.

What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

I love taking the photographs, then the fun begins taking a look at them in Lightroon
or Photoshop. Each photos is different so it takes different steps for each one before
I print it.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for 20 years, my husband joined me a few years ago.

How did you get started?

I got started taking family photos at the holidays and weddings. Later a friend
remarked that I should matte and display my photos for sale. I did a very small
show, and have been doing art and craft shows ever since.

Where does the name of your shop come from?

Celticcat comes from my 3 cats: Finn McCool, Osisin, and Oscar. The names come from
Irsh Mythology. I am big on all things Irish and Celtic.

What would you most want people to know about your work?

My work is hand crafted, I do all the set ups, enhancements, all my mattes are hand
cut. I give a beautiful photograph at reasonable prices.

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

I get asked this question 3 or 4 times at each craft show, "How can I do this?" and
"How many photos do I need to get started?" I try to get people to understand that
this is a craft, but it is also a business. It is work to do out door shows.
Photography is one of the most saturated fields, right up there with jewelry. You
have to find your niche, do a few small school shows first, see if you like dealing
with the public, they can be cruel and thoughtless at times.

Nature, scenery, wildlife are all subjects of this wonderful photographer. Please be sure to visit her shop and look - and buy - her work!

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Julie said...

Great article! I love her photos! :)

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A great interveiw with one of my favorit etsy photographers. Wonderful advice, too Cathy. Thank you PastPerfect and CelticCat. :), allie

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great feature :)

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great advice :)

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Thank You, PastPerfect!