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When you first take a look at this shop you are going to say, hey, this does not look like craft- but if you look closely through the listings you will see some very fine, handmade jewelery mixed in with listings for antiques and vintage collectibles. Many of our shops are eclectic and I also have added some vintage to my listings from time to time - so with that said, come and meet

Here is our interview with the artist -

Briefly describe what you make?

I handcraft One Of A Kind items. I love Gemstones! I create many pieces with all kinds of lovely Gemstones. I make Gemstone Jewelry, Hair Accessories, and Wall Decor.
Other Items that I handcraft are Candles, and Catnip toys.
I also Collect and Sell vintage items as well.
My Vintage collection comes from my grandmothers personal collection of over 30 years.
She decided it was time to start down sizing her collection of Fenton, Depression glass and more. She gave these items to me to keep what I desired, and to help me in starting up my shop.

What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

I Craft all my items from home.
I work with my children sometimes when creating some of my items.
This way they can put their finishing touches to it, and be included in my work.
I also help them create their own Items to sell on my site in the Kidz Craft Section.
This gives them a sense of accomplishment when I tell them how well they have done, and that their craft they made is online for sale.

When I am working on something more complicated I like to wait till my children are off to bed, or at school when the house is quiet and I can put my full attention into a piece.

I currently work from the comforts of my living room.
I have the nice table with drawers and a large Armoire next to the recliner to keep all my supplies and finished products in. I am currently working on making a work area in my basement where I have more space to lay things out, and keep supplies in as I am starting to running out of space in my little area.

How long have you been creating craft?

I have been creating my own crafts since I was a little girl.
My mother has always been one of those Artsy, Crafty people.
When my sister and I were young we would do Ceramics, and make Porcelain dolls with our mom.
We also helped our mom with her on going projects.
We always wanted to do our part where our help was needed.
We even helped run her booths at the craft shows.

How did you get started?

I have always loved to do crafts, and create new things.
My Husbands sister is the one who introduced me to Etsy.
She convenience, and inspired me to join Etsy and open my own shop.
She told me I should share my work with others.
She still keeps my spirits high when she compliments one of my pieces.
I have been a member since June 2009 because of her, and have met a lot of wonderful people here.

I plan on continuing to follow in my mothers footsteps of creativity, by creating one of kind hand crafted items to share with others.

Where does the name of your shop come from?

My Sister in Law and I sat back and came up with all kinds of off the wall names.
Nothing fit.
She said Mandi Your first name and Middle name just sound so nice together. Plus the spelling is so different to.
It reminds you of a mom and pop vintage shop, or craft shop why not just use that.
I thought about it and said why not?
Its different, sounded like a good shop name and I couldnt seem to come up with anything better.
I think it fits to and that is what is most important.

What would you most want people to know about your work?

I create with love. Each Item is always made with love, as I love what I do.
I spend alot of time creating my items. I focus on detail, quality, and trying to create something you wont find somewhere else.
Sometimes I will remake a piece over several times before I am satisfied with it.

Sure you may find a lot of jewelry, hair accessories, wall hangings, candles, and cat toys anywhere, but my focus is to make sure my items are not like others.

I strive to make them different, and interesting, yet lovely.

I also strive on Customer Service as it is a must! I worked in Customer Service, and Management for over 15 yrs.

My goal is to make Every customer Happy, and Satisfied with their purchase, communication and delivery.
I have been selling Antiques, and Vintage plus many other items for years on Ebay with 100% positive feedback from every customer and made it to a power seller.

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

Just hang in there and keep doing what you enjoy.
I know its hard, and sometimes it can get frustrating in the beginning when you are trying to get your business to grow. But if you love doing what you do just stick with it.
Advertise Locally, Word of mouth and Online and they will come.
I am still trying to get my face and products out there myself.
But I wont give up because I enjoy what I do.


Now come and take a look at this shop!

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