Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Sales Venue Site

I sell my craft, or perhaps I should say, OFFER my craft on several different sites. So far there have only been three that have been four that have brought any sales, with Etsy remaining the number one site for consistency of making sales. One of the other sites has brought three sales in almost two years, another has brought four in more than a year, and the other has brought two sales - but no payment as there is a minimum that must be reached on that particular site before you are paid. So when I focus my attention on my shops it is the Etsy shop that gets most of my time.

I recently came across anther site called Zibbet. I came upon this through a tweet on Twitter and went to look. What interested me most about this site is that there is an option to sell on the site completely for free. The free account includes the listing of up to 25 items and provides more than enough features to set up a shop. When I looked at the site, the first thing I did was look at several shops to see if anyone is making sales. Unlike Etsy, this site has no visible sales statistics for its shops. Not good, really. When I do not see visible sales stats I figure that is because the site does not want you to see that no one is making sales - which is what I have discovered through direct experience on some of the sites that I offer work for sale. I looked around. Checked the terms of agreement. Everything seems to be legitimate and I registered for a free sales account and opened a shop.

I now have a shop on Zibbet - Q Branch Ltd. (what a surprise! - same as all my other shops) I am starting with just a few items - my big craft sellers on Etsy and we shall see how it goes. Since it is not costing me anything but time there really is nothing to lose.

If you are interested in a shop on Zibbet follow this link and see what there is. You can get the free site or for less than $10 a month you can get a premium site with unlimited listings and a number of other features. Or get yourself a free one to start and see how it goes. If sales start coming in you can always move up to the premium account later. As time goes along I will post here if any sales are made.


Cozy said...

I think Zibbet has potential. I have a shop there and have sold a few things. They were all in the under $10 range but sales none the less.

Like you I would like stats for sales to show but what helps is that if you get it you can at least show feedback.

Robert A said...

Since putting up the shop that I have written about above, I seem to have no traffic on the site and certainly, no sales.