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Here is another great artist and shop on Etsy. I want to introduce you to

Come meet the artist!

Briefly describe what you make?

I'm a fashion design student, still learning about many creative possibilities, I make all kinds of cute accessories, at a low to mid-low price range :) This includes Kawaii origami handfolded earrings, Handpainted wooden jewelry pieces (my current favorite: The Salima Earrings), and clutches (designed by me, very unique, and texturally intriguing).

What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

I ADORE fabric, it is my pleasure to incorporate and play with fabric in as many ways as possible. I use fabric scraps in jewelry as a creative eco-friendly way to add interest, in my bag designs, you will sometimes find cute and funky elements (in one of my designs I incorporate the elastic part of a floral sheet as a detail on the back). I also really enjoy origami, I just find it so adorable!

How long have you been creating craft?

I am still young, I have been sewing for maybe only 5 years? I actually did not start making jewelry until this summer, but I feel that I am learning quickly, cannot wait to get back to school to learn more techniques and ideas :)

How did you get started?

I got started by just taking sewing classes at school, my interest was then furthered when my parents bought me a Husquvarna Viking a few years ago. Everytime I learn a new technique, I feel that I create one more "dimension" into which my work can expand, I love mixing ideas. Took a class at school this year based on painting, and am now enjoying being able to use those abilities to make jewelery :)

Where does the name of your shop come from?

Honestly, there is no real amazing story. When I was a little bit younger my mom stressed the importance of not using numbers in my Flickr account name, she said "Just pick two things you love". We had recently been on a trip to China, which I found to be just beautiful (no really, I am slightly obsessed), and I have a problem with my love of the color blue (I currently own 13 blue dresses, some of which I made myself). Blue wasn't really very interesting so I went with Azure, and AzureChina was born.

What would you most want people to know about your work?

I am still learning, and when I do learn something I go back to improve upon pieces which have already been completed. For example when I first started making my origami star earrings I was just using thread to sew them to the earring hooks, since then I have learned to wire wrap and went back to fix all the earrings, did a photo re-shoot, etc.) This is just one example!

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

Promoting is key.
Photos are THE key. You might know your work is beautiful, but if your potential buyers are looking at a photograph that is dark or that detracts from the beauty of the image, they will immediately move on to another seller.
Posting and running in the forums is not attractive, unless the creator of the thread asks you to post and run, it is not polite to ignore the posts of others, and assume that they will still be interested in yours. On the other hand, if you show interest in another's work and idea's, generally they will reciprocate the favor :)


Wonderful answers! Great shop and things that you must see. Come and visit with AzureChina. And if you want to learn more about her - read her blog!

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