Friday, November 7, 2008

Meet Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy asked to model for me. In fact, she wants me to be her personal paparazzi. She wants me to catch her in her calm moments, her off moments, and her wild moments - even her most intimate moments.

Now, I have known Miss Lucy for some time now and she can get into some trouble from time to time. There is no knowing what I may be photographing her doing.

A series of Miss Lucy's photographs will appear in my shop, Past Perfect. This one is called "Miss Lucy Tends her Garden" This is one of her calmer moments. The other night she had me follow her on a date with a new "beau"! Be sure to check Past Perfect to see when that scandalous photo is released.

Also keep an eye out for Miss Lucy greeting cards. I tell you this bear has no shame!


Maree said...

How adorable!!!

Allie said...

This is absolute genius! Adorable photo and the buildup is perfect! Great job! :),allie