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We continue with our features on photography and photographers on the Internet. This is another member of the Photographers of Etsy. Come and meet Michelle of

Here is our interview -

Briefly describe what you make?

I am an artist with a passion for travel photography. I love to take pictures of urban settings, especially old architecture and street scenes. I also love to take macro shots of botanicals, fun shots of animals and a strange form of meditation for me is to take pictures of water using different shutter speeds and angles. I can really zone out that way!

What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

Well, my number one fashion accessory is my Nikon D50 I named Nick! My lenses, scanner, along with CS3, my MacBook Pro, my brand new Wacom tablet (thanks to my awesome hubby!!) and my fantastic Canon ProPixma9000 printer, my arsenal of photography equipment keeps me happy at the moment. Well, there are a few more lenses I “need” and some filters, but for now, I’m a happy gal! Oh and I love painting with oils and drawing with a Grumbacher 6B pencil, it’s like liquid!

How long have you been creating craft?

Art has been a comforting companion for me my whole life. I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I’ve been painting since college, I use it as a release for my emotions. And photography has been in and out of my life since my college years.

How did you get started?

I’ve always liked to take photos but didn’t take the hobby seriously until after college. I briefly worked as a University Photographer at my school while I worked for a wedding photographer. Then when I realized I needed more career stability, I started working in TV as a graphic designer and then as a promotions producer. During that time I would take travel shots but I was too busy to focus more on it. Since we moved to L.A. 3 years ago, the obsession is back and I can’t stop! It’s all I think about!

Where does the name of your shop come from?

I just changed my business name officially to Urban Junkies Photography. I love urban areas, we used to live in downtown Los Angeles and I am an Urban Junkie! I’ve been carrying that name around in my head for 3 years now and I’ve always wanted to make something of it. I was really bummed when I saw someone has a blog called, I really thought I was being original! But at least I can add photography to the end of it! So, I just bought the domain and I am super excited to fill it up someday!

I choose ZuppaArtista quickly to sign up for Etsy. Campbell is my maiden name and my married name is Zurek which means “soup” in Polish. I hyphenate my last name so I am literally “Campbell Soup”. I have a thing for Italian and since zuppa is “soup” in Italian, and I have tattoo on my wrist that says ARTISTA I thought it would work as a shop name. But I am happy I switched to Urban Junkies.

What would you most want people to know about your work?

I put my heart and soul into my art and photography. When I see something that inspires me I try to capture what I feel from it, to show my admiration for it. I fall in love with the subjects I photograph and I hope the viewer will to. Each shot is very meaningful to me, I want to document everything I experience.

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

I have so much to learn myself!! ☺
I think most importantly, don’t let others opinions of your work define who you are. Etsy was really hard for me at first, I felt rejected because I hardly have any sales, or hearts. But I have realized that I am doing what I love, and I don’t know how to do anything else.

And definitely take a look at other artists and see how passionate they were for their craft. Gianlorenzo Bernini, Camille Claudel and Dan Eldon are my inspirations when I feel down about my work. They keep me motivated.

Finally, be true to yourself and use art as a vehicle to tell the world a story. Find what is in your heart and develop your own personal style while expressing yourself. I like to think my art is more than just home d├ęcor, that it is actually speaking to someone. Does that sound cheesy? ☺


Wonderful and different. You must come to Michelle's shop and see her work. Leave a comment here and share what you think


mkcphotography said...

What a wonderful interview from such a talented artist! And who knew Michelle's last name is actually Campbell Soup?!?

TheEye said...

yay cool! nice to know more about you

Allie said...

An awesome interview! Great to know more about you, Michelle! Campbell's Soup - how cute! Thank you, Michelle and pastPerfect for sharing with us! Such a talented artist! (And I don't think you sound cheesy at all!) :), allie