Thursday, October 1, 2009


We have a jeweler to feature. This is another Etsy shop and all of this wonderful work is for sale there! Here is

Come and meet the artist -

Briefly describe what you make?

I design jewelry and then handcraft it using beads, gemstones and metal wires. My aim is to create more earthy and yet sophisticated jewelry that would not only accessorize an outfit but also make a fashion statement. While some of my pieces are subtle and understated, others are more bold and chunky. I like designing jewelry for everyday wear that can take you from work to into evenings and would work for all seasons as well as love to create focal pieces for parties and formal get together where your jewelry will attract attention.

What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

I love working with silver wires, pearls and gemstones. To me silver and pearls are very versatile and can together create jewelry that can be chic or ornate; modern or vintage and everyday or occasional. However, very recently have started using brass findings too. Brass helps me create pieces with a more vintage feel to them. I have also worked a little bit with gold filled wire and you would find a few pretty gold pieces in my ETSY shop too.

How long have you been creating craft?

It has been only 3 years that I have started jewelry making but have come long ways in this time. However, I have miles to go. ETSY has always succeeded in inspiring me and when I look at the immense talent pool in ETSY, I always think of all the various jewelry making techniques that I would love to master and use for my designs.

How did you get started?

I was deeply inspire by a friend of mine who makes beautiful jewelry. When I met her initially her handmade necklace created from bright red seed beads and chunky silver Bali beads caught my attention and that is when I started reading up on handcrafting jewelry, buying cheap beads and wires to do experiments with. In the last 3 years now, it has grown to be a shop in ETSY.

Where does the name of your shop come from?

I call my shop 'Echos of Spring'. The name came from the colorful jewelry that I strive to create so that all through the year my jewelry can remind you of spring and echo its seasonal colors in your wardrobe.

What would you most want people to know about your work?

I am always striving to create new and more attractive designs created with quality raw material. Though I tend to use local bead stores for all my jewelry supply needs whenever I am visiting places I go on a bead and raw material hunt looking for interesting beads, stones and crystals. Also, my prices are very reasonable and affordable as I take my shop more as a passion. My aim is to make the buyers enjoy what they purchased as much as i enjoy creating the piece. So keep checking for more jewelry and great sales. Currently offering free shipping on all pieces.

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

I am probably too new to creating art and may not have advice for other artists. However, would like to add that creating art is a passion and let us all keep creating beautiful art.


This is beautiful work and you must see it. Come and visit this shop now and then come back and leave some comments for the artist!


Annette said...

Echosofspring, your jewelry is beautiful and I love your shop name!

Team 2Kute said...

what an awesome feature!!!