Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New Concern for Wholesaling Your Work

In my last article I provided links for the new CPSIA law that effects anyone creating items for use by children 12 and under in the United States. This law includes specific labeling requirements - which you will see a link about in that article.

Many retail shops that buy wholesale will often remove the label that the craft artist placed on the item. They do this for a variety of reason - the most common of which seems to be not wanting to identify the source of the item to their customers for fear that the customer will go directly to the artist/craftsperson to buy directly. This has happened to my work at several stores I have sold to in the past. I had not concern about this because I already made my sale to the retailer. Under CPSIA this becomes a problem. Now, the manufacturer's label (YOU) must remain on the item - and that label must be permanent. A retailer clipping that label off will place you liable under the law.

This is something that you must discuss with any retailer you are selling wholesale to. You may need to have the retailer sign in your wholesale agreement that the retailer will under no circumstances remove the label that you permanently attach to the item being sold to them, in compliance with the Federal law, C.P.S.I.A.

The idea of what happens to it after it leaves my hands no longer apply under this law. Of course, this only applies to items intended or marketed to children of the age 12 and under.

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