Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art to Share

One of the best ways to share art is to find artists creating their work as greeting cards. Often these cards are quality prints that are suitable for framing. For some time now, Past Perfect, has offered note cards and greeting cards featuring the photography of this artist.

The newest cards celebrate Spring and warmth - the warmth that is symbolized in the sunflower. The first of these cards is called Peep Peep.

Little chicks in their nest welcome Spring. This card makes a wonderful Easter Card and is great for any occasion. It would be a wonderful invitation to a baby shower! The inside of the card is blank so that any personal sentiment may be added.

The second card features the sunflower. There is a great fascination with sunflowers - perhaps because they are so large and grow so tall. This one is reaching the sky.

There are so many occasions that this card is perfect for. The sky and the sun - but the sun is the sunflower. Its warmth comes right through this image.

Cards make a wonderful way to share art. And, believe it or not, these cards are only two dollars each. There is also a special offer to mix or match any six of these same size cards for just $6.00 - including individuals of those offered in sets. And all with very low shipping. Come to Past Perfect to see all of the photo art cards that are offered!


Sarah and Jon said...

So sunny and spring like!

Cards are such a great way of sharing art, and buying affordable art too - I like framing them.

Jennifer Aitchison said...

Love those little chicks! :)