Sunday, August 24, 2008

Featured Artist

These artists make so many cute things - come and meet this cooperative of artists called

Here is our interview with one of the artists - Michele!

Describe what you make?

Since we are a Collective, we make many different things. Joanie makes the Caterpillar Fur items, and is branching out into making knitted toys. I make Sockmonkeys, knitted and soft toys. crochet items and knitted shawls. Juanita makes the most wonderful embilished hats. Sadly at the present she is going to school full time, so hasn't made any for us in awhile. Together we also make anything else that catches our fancy. It's all just a bit of whimsy.

What mediums do you enjoy working in most?

We adore anything of a textile nature. Yarns, wool, fabrics of all sorts. Between us we have enough stashed stuff just in yarns and fabrics to open a small store.

How long have you been creating craft?

Each of us has been crafting for about 30 years.

How did you get started?

I started and learned to knit at a Rennaisance Faire many years ago, as part of an Audience iteraction gig. As well as spinning wool from scratch on an about a 250 year old Giant Walking wheel.

Joanie and Jaunita are part of the same Guild. We love to act together, and all have a passion for our respective crafts. It was just a natural progression that we went in together in this venture.

Where does the name of your shop come from?

The name came from the first knitted toy I ever made. The color of the wool yarn was Rosewood. Which also became the name of the item. Rosewood became our shop mascot.

What would you most want people to know about your work?

We're old fashioned girls. We love to make things with our hands. We put the same love and attention into the work we do for others, as we would do for ourselves. Often the items we make become gifts for our friends and families.

Sometimes our friends and families just come over and take what we make. For example my two hat snatching grown daughters!

What words of advice do you have for other artists?

Always do your homework on any new venture. Market research, keywords, price and cost analysis are all very important. Have a plan, and a road map. Otherwise you just start to spin your wheels,and get frustrated.


So great. This is our first cooperative featured! Their shop is terrific. VISIT it now!

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What a lovely feature, very nice. I love Stan the Glump!