Tuesday, November 6, 2007


You are about to start racking your brain for what gifts to get family and friends for the soon to be here holidays. You will walk through the malls and look in each store and see the same things that you saw last year. You think to yourself, "What did I buy for Mary last year? I can't give her that again!" The holidays are supposed to be fun and festive - not a marathon shopping excursion weekend after weekend with no results. And then when you finally find SOMETHING, ANYTHING and buy it, wrap it, and give it with a smile - that gift some how makes its way back to the store on December 26th to the return counter.

You know you know what I am talking about! Would you like to avoid all that? Would you like to buy something that will not be returned and will be appreciated. It is easy. Would you like to know the secret? Sure you would. Buy handmade!

Buy gifts that have been created with love by an artist who has put talent and effort into making that gift. No worry about if it has LEAD in it! No concern if it is a recall put back on the store shelf!

So this is a good idea, eh? Where can you buy handmade? ETSY! This is an internet site that is a world of handmade. There you will find wonderful craftspeople and artists with great and unique things ready to sell to you!

Start by looking through the great artists that have been featured here on our site. All of them have shops there. Come by my shop and find some really unique and different things.

Don't exhaust yourself before the holidays even begin! VISIT ETSY and enjoy yourself this year!

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Lucy said...

Great article! Lots of good points and ideas--who wouldn't want something unique and made just for them :)