Friday, April 6, 2007


I have been cutting silhouettes and sherenschnitten (German for paper cutttings) for many years. My work has been exhibited in many locations and has won many awards. There is a traveling exhibit of my paper cuttings called "Shadows in Time" that has been showing for several years and moves from exhibit space to exhibit space monthly.

Most of my silhouettes are large and include several elements of people in various situations of life. Some are family scenes, some are military-related, and some are political in nature. The sherenschnitten are nature related and are composed of animals, plants, or both. Due to the complex nature of these cuttings and their large size they sell for a great deal of money.

Recently I decided that I would like to offer my silhouettes in a more affordable format and have begun to create them in the popular Artist Trading Card medium. The first of these is currently for sale for just $13.00 at my etsy shop - Q Branch Ltd. This is what it looks like

This has been drawn and cut by hand. The silhouette is then inked black - in the 19th Century manner and then dry mounted on the backing paper. This is then dry mounted on heavy mat board and is protected by a removable poly envelope.  This is truly a one of a kind work of original art. It is made affordable by its size and my desire to bring my work to collectors with limited budgets.

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